What can Sunesis do for your business?

Sunesis is a complete web based platform allowing full control of every aspect of learner management. It ensures real-time data can be accessed and updated at any time from any location with internet access.

Sunesis was designed with one goal in mind; to make the process of learner management, from initial contact through to achievement and destination, an easy and effective activity.

Sunesis Features

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Data Management

Key to all you do to is effective data management. Sunesis will support you by providing easy to use, adaptable methods of input and reporting on all aspects of the learner journey including ILR validation, funding, progression, CRM, employer management, electronic forms within internal validation, compliance and extensive reporting.

Bespoke Access Levels

At Perspective (UK) Ltd we understand that the needs of our clients are not always identical, we therefore have a comprehensive and adjustable approach to personnel access levels which fit with your individual business needs. Each user is allocated a unique login id which allows them to see and update exactly what they need.

Real Time Data Sharing

As Sunesis is web based, it encourages the engagement of all key members of staff and provides visibility of their activities and performance. This enables up-to-date learner monitoring information to be shared between relevant users of the system, allowing the learner’s performance to be constantly monitored.

Real time reporting on employers, learners, key personnel, delivery partners and contract holders improves engagement with all key stake holders.

Compliance Monitoring

Effective compliance monitoring of employers, training providers and learners to aid with documentation control, quality assurance and monitoring.

File Repository

Availability to store relevant documents against employers or learners for ease of monitoring and quality assurance, including Health and Safety documents, ACE documents, learner progress reviews, etc.

Data Import Facility

Quick and easy to use tools allow you to be in control of your data.

Qualification Management

Downloading Qualifications and setting up Frameworks was once a time consuming task which all training providers had to face. Sunesis reduces the time spent on this necessary job to minutes due to its ability to download directly from Ofqual.

Qualification Importer

By entering the Ofqual qualification number, Sunesis downloads fully structured qualifications down to unit, element and evidence level.

Framework Validation

Once qualifications are grouped to create frameworks, the content can be validation to ensure correct content.

Tracking Learner Progress

Dynamic learner tracking is a key function within Sunesis providing enhanced accuracy and efficiency for programme managers, assessors and learners. Incorporating a Red, Amber, Green learner status further aids proactive learner and employer management responding to the requirements of the learner, employer and training provider.

Graphical reports are available for assessors, programme managers, administrators and employers showing progress, reviews, assessments and achievements to improve results and quality measures.

Learner Attendance

Sunesis has an easy to use inbuilt attendance tracking facility which allows you to track and report on the attendance of learners on courses, within groups and at an individual learner level.

Work Experience

Sunesis offers you the ability to track learners who, as part of their programme, undertake work experience modules. This facility enables you to record and monitor the hours and attendance of the placements incorporating a CRM and attendance facility.

Funding Management

Sunesis provides effective management of English, Scottish and Commercial funded training.

Funding Predictor

Funding Predictor allows you to have full and accurate financial data at your fingertips any time anywhere, without the need for a PFR.

Funding Predictor

Funding Profiler

Plan ahead and maximise delivery and funding by profiling frameworks and learner numbers to calculate and project future income.

PFR Reconciliation

PFR reconciler calculates funding for each learner and allows you to compare the results with the PFR Occupancy List to highlight any differences, allowing you to analyse your funding in a timely and effective manner.

Full ILR Validation and Batch Preparation

Automated ILR templates reduce the time spent on enrolling learners while enhancing the accuracy of data. Our integrated ILR Validation tool reduces errors and time to produce your ILR submissions. Simple and speedy Batch Preparation helps you to meet important deadlines. A comprehensive ILR report provides easy and accurate ILR data analysis.


Sunesis provides a comprehensive suite of reports enabling you to easily access, monitor and analyse all of your data.

Your data can be updated and accessed at any time enabling learner progress and statistics, learning and funding management, Ofsted and attendance reports to be produced quickly and accurately at the touch of a button.

Success Rates

One click will provide you with the Success Rates report which is available throughout the year providing up to date QSR data. Click on any of the learner group numbers to take you to the list of relevant learners to easily identify the learners in a specific category.

Success Rates


This functionality takes a once laborious data gathering task and gives you a report you are confident to present to an inspector. At a click of a button Sunesis can produce a report containing all of the essential data required by Ofsted for Section A and B of the Ofsted Report.

Dashboard Reports

As well as flexible reports within the Reporting Directory and reports produced by utilising the many filters on our learner management screens, we have created a suite of dashboard reports to provide top level visual data representation that gives managers a quick and easy way to view learner, staff and funding performance.